Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to School with Style

It was Friday evening, and my sisters were having a little sleepover. I mentioned the idea of having a photoshoot the next day...and before I knew it, they had dressed up and were ready that evening! They told me the theme was "Back to School". =) So here it is, as modeled by my sisters Claire, Avery and Grace, and their friends Maggie and Emily.

(c) rebekah jean photography


Zellers said...

hi rebekah, i got your link from my sister's (ashley ann) blog and I'm totally amazed that you're only 16. Your photography is amazing! Just wanted to drop you a note saying keep up the good work! love your back to school post, i would've loved to have pics like these to look back on.

Shannon Phillips said...

Hey there Rebekah, this is shannon phillips with imago vita. I just love your blog! I would love to shoot you an email. Could you send me your email address to

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