Friday, March 13, 2009


My little sister Grace is 8 years old and pretty much the coolest 8 year old that ever lived. Whenever I'm not feeling well or am stressed out or something, she says "Bekah, you can take pictures of me if you want." and that's what she said yesterday. =) She knows that's what I love! I work at an antique store and collect vintage things, and she loves all of my stuff, the only thing is she doesn't understand red lipstick....she thinks it looks nasty. =)
But she wore it once I explained that it was good to look's kind of hard to explain that it's not old in a bad way. =)
Anyway, it's really fun to every once in a while let yourself go out of control with contrast and color...sure photography is capturing subjects, but I think more than that it's capturing concepts...those can be artistic concepts, fashion concepts, or just everyday things like love, laughter and life.

be original

C.S. Lewis couldn't have put it more perfectly. If you set out with a goal to become original, most of the time you will end up imitating something with the intent that it will make you more original.

The important thing is to know that God made us all different.

I think she's a born vintage glamour lady!

"What's so great about this stuff anyway?"

You didn't really think we took all those serious pictures with no smiles did you?

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